Society of Women Engineers

Welcome to MTU SWE!

Danielle Alexander

Chemical Engineering
December 2017

Why I joined SWE: It sounds like a great way to get involved and make connections with companies.

Hometown: Haslett, MI

Favorite Ice Cream: Moose Tracks

Hobbies: Swimming, music, reading, fashion

Other MTU Orgs: Research Scholars Program, Honors Institute

Happy Birthday, Members!

Kayla Buczkowski (9/1)
Teresa Wieber (9/3)

Minutes from Past Events

General Meeting: Self DefenseWed 4/23/2014

Committee Chair MeetingWed 4/16/2014

General Meeting: Easter BasketsWed 4/9/2014

Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events available. Events will be posted on this page as they are determined.