Why SWE?

Here is what some of our members have to say on what makes SWE a great organization:

“The best thing about SWE is the opportunities to help the community with a group of girls who are fun to be around. What a great combination!”
-Megan Cook ’09

“I joined SWE to meet new people and join in on all the fun activities SWE does. The best thing about SWE is to break away from school work for an hour every other week to go have fun.”
-Sara Gibbs ’08

“I joined SWE because I wanted to be a part of an organization with women of simular interests and career goals.”
-Jennifer Fuller ’11

“The best things about SWE is that it is a national organzation I can be involved in my entire life. It’s an amazing experience to go to conferences and be in a room with 500+ female engineers.”
-Amy Palmgren ’08

“After a day of being in classes full of guys, it’s nice to be able to hang out with a bunch of girls. Joining SWE has been an amazing experience for me and I am grateful that we have an organization like it on campus.”
-Steph Drake ’08

“I joined SWE so that I could expand my career opportunities through leadership and networking opportunities.”
-Lea Johnson ’09

“I love being around other girls who are interested in technology like I am!”
-Abby Kneeland ’08

“The best thing about SWE is the variety of activities and opportunities offered through involvement in SWE.”
-Katrina Sanders ’09

How to Join

Come to SWE Meetings
Everyone is invited to attend SWE meetings. Find out when the next meeting is by visiting the meeting page.

Join the SWE Mailing List
To get the latest information on SWE events emailed to you, join the SWE mailing list! Simply send an email to sympa@mtu.edu with
<code>subscribe swe-L Your Name</code>
as the subject. Substitute your first and last name for “Your Name”.

Fill Out the Online Membership Form
The online membership form will register you with the Membership VP as a member of the MTU SWE student section. The form can be found here.

Join National SWE
Get a national SWE membership by going to http://www.swe.org/join. The cost of membership is only $20 and includes a subscription to SWE magazine, free webinars, and many other perks. A national membership is required in order to be considered an active member.

Active Membership Policy

Everyone is invited and encouraged to join SWE and participate in meetings and events whether or not you are considered an active member. As a National SWE member, you gain the ability to vote at meetings. Becoming an active member simply allows you a few extra perks not available to non-active members, including receiving a birthday present during your birthday or half-birthday month, posting your resume on the website, free admission to the spring banquet, and being eligible for sponsorship for attending SWE conferences. Below are the requirements for active membership:

Must be a National SWE member. Go to http://www.swe.org/join to register. The membership fee is $20 and includes a subscription to SWE magazine.
Must attend at least five general meetings per semester. Excused absences sent to the Membership VP count toward attended meetings.
Must participate in two activities outside SWE meetings per semester.
Spring Semester: Must do two hours SWEish-ka-bob preparation or selling for Winter Carnival.
Involvement in a committee is strongly encouraged.
More information on active membership can be found in the Procedures Document or by contacting the Membership VP.