How to join SWE:

To become a member of the Michigan Tech chapter of SWE you have to register to be a SWE member on involvement link ( and on our web page ( ).  We keep track of attendance on our webpage, and the only way to be entered as attending is by making a profile.  It’s easy to complete. Go to the SWE website. From there click on Membership log in, then click register (on the bottom of the site) and fill out the form. There is NO local membership fee. Active membership requirements are to be a societal member (will be refunded), attend 5 meetings per semester, earn 2 activity points per semester, and complete at least one shift of Winter Carnival Fundraising prep, selling, or clean up.

To become a part of National SWE follow this web site ( ) and register as a member for this fiscal year through the membership tab. This year all active members will be refunded for their national membership dues, preferably for the collegiate to career option. Just email a copy of your receipt with your M number and address to our 2nd VP Hannah Lyons ( Being a societal member has several perks including scholarships, being able to attend regional and societal conferences, receiving a magazine, using the job board, podcasts, free webinars, and much more.