The outreach committee coordinates all outreach activities and events within the section, campus and community implemented by the section. The outreach committee shall consist of the following chair or co-chairpersons performing the following duties:

Outreach Director – Sarah Hielsberg

  • Provide oversight and guidance to the outreach committee and promote committee cohesion
  • Maintain a chair or co-chair position within the ouchreach committee.
  • Coordinate office hour attendance
  • Coordinate the spring retreat
  • Plan the holiday CHEB party
  • Assist with the application process for any section awards

Certificate of Merit Chairs – Carly Gloudemans and Elizabeth Wohlford

  • Award female high school juniors and seniors with certificates of excellence in science and math
  • Implement a letter writing activity in the fall to high school females who attend a MTU youth program

Community and Campus Chairs – Kate Boyles, Jessica Geroux, and Kate Fletcher

  • Lead the Big Mac program
  • Organize activities in the community and within senior communities
  • Help with MTU sponsored outreach including Get WISE Day and Engineering Olympics
  • Inform members of volunteer opportunities

Evening With Industry (EWI) Chairs – Dylaina Fiebing, Laura Schimmel, and Baileigh Zimmerman

  • Begin planning for EWI the spring term prior to the event
  • Assemble the EWI resume book to be distributed to companies

Fundraising Chairs – Madison Mroczynski and Courtney VanWagoner

  • Organize the Winter Carnival Fundraiser
  • Organize the Spring Fling Fundraiser
  • Organize one additional fundraiser in the fall semester

Social Chairs – Sarah Hielsberg and Erin Murdoch

  • Reserve rooms for all general meetings
  • Order food and beverages for general meetings
  • Organize IM sports, Homecoming, Winter Carnival, and Spring Fling events
  • Organize other social events

Awards – Hannah Lyons

  • Organize and apply for Societal SWE awards
  • Promote scholarship