The communications committee publicizes the events of the section to the campus community, alumni, faculty, corporate sponsors, and any other individuals interested in the proceedings of the section. The communications committee shall consist of the following chair or co-chairpersons performing the following duties:

Communications Director – Hannah Cunningham

  • Provide oversight and guidance to the communications committee and promote committee cohesion
  • Maintain a chair or co-chair position within the communications committee.
  • Coordinate office hour attendance
  • Coordinate the spring retreat
  • Plan the holiday CHEB party
  • Assist with the application process for any section awards

Historian Chair – Cassie Bobart

  •  Take pictures and/or video at all events of the section
  • Create a winter semester and yearly digital scrapbook of activities to be displayed at the Holiday potluck and spring banquet.
  • Upload pictures to the section’s Facebook and computer.

Newsletter Chair – Hannah Cunningham

  • Responsible for compiling the blog throughout semester.
  • Maintain an e-mail list for alumni.

Publicity Chair – Stephanie Peterson

  • Advertise for all SWE events with table tents, posters, and the electronic display system
  • Maintain the SWE pillar in the MEEM

Webmaster Chairs – Jocelyne Denhof and Breanna Merritts

  • Keep the student section website up to date
  • Maintain the SWE office computer
  • Update/maintain the SWE Facebook group and Student Involvement website.